Beirut & Beyond

Amani Semaan, director of Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival on the international Beirut & Beyond tour (Beirut, 2018)

Foto: Elena Kukoleva

"Beirut & Beyon International Music Festival is developing international partnerships, starting with founding partner Oslo World has extensively allowed the growth of BBIMF tour, evolving into a blueprint for international collaborations. Every year, a Beirut & Beyond line up comprising two-three Arab acts tours Europe. 

In 2017, one of the main partners of the tour was Artlink, which allowed two Lebanese bands Kinematik and The Great Departed to perform in Bern and Zurich among 7 other cities in Europe.

The engagement of such partner gives the opportunity to up&coming Arab artists to experience touring, to reach out to new audience and to promote their work internationally."