Sol de Carvalho, Mozambik

Sol de Carvalho was invited for the world premiere of his movie "Mabata Bata" at the Cinéma d’Afriques 2018 in Lausanne. The movie won the prize for best camera and best editing at the Fespaco 2019 in Ouagadougou.

Sol de Carvalho, Regisseur, Mozambik

"l must state that for an African Film maker, I do interact with colleagues and producers more in Africa Festivals in Europe that I do in Africa. It seems surprising but it is quicker to go to any country in Europe that to go to Madagascar, to where there is only a week plane. Furthermore, there are very few film festivals in Africa and we are fighting hard to get the films there and of course much more when it deals with travel in a continent that is too big.

I must also state that African films, especially from black Africa, as you can see, are very rarely make only with money from the respective country. That implies an effort to find co-producers, mainly Europeans, and since we do not have enough support, the festivals are a fantastic occasion to meet each other to look for opportunities and set up projects.

I do not see festivals and especially African festivals as a moment to only show the films what will be much easier. Most of the time I am present on a festival, I never run to see all the movies. l do select them and I take a large part of my stay, to speak with colleagues, organizers and producers, to set up projects, make proposals, enlarging the network. It is fundamental for our surviving. I cannot see keeping doing African films without this space that the organizers create to make African cinema to move forward."